06 September 2010

While I wouldn’t give its political stance the steam off one of my micturations the Telegraph is a great source of strange and curious news items. Sadly, like any other paper, it can create a news item from nothing.

In today’s paper there is an iteml about a dread inspiring plant appearing in a Yorkshire garden. While not quite a triffid the plant was called a Devil’s Trumpet and described as deadly poisonous.

Basically the plant in question is a Datura. It may be an unusual species of the plant and the genus may be a rarity in North Yorkshire but Daturas are hardly a rarity in this country/ We have grown the plant several times from seeds purchased from the excellent and utterly reputable firm Chiltern Seeds…

It is deadly poisonous though!

Well there you have it: a non-story about a non-story. I do waste my own and both my readers’ time!


nursemyra said...

nice photo with the non story

jams o donnell said...

I wish I had taken the pic though!