30 November 2010

And the Sense of Sight

A painting I have loved for a long time but never seen until Friday. Taken in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. Sadly at a bit of an angle to avoid reflected lighting. I was disappointed that it was hung high on the wall above a door. Definitely not the best place to show it off at its best.


god-free morals said...

I have also been flumoxed before by a gallery manager's choice of a hanging for a painting. Do they expect 9' tall customers? Packing paintings in seems a very odd choice.

The main problem is that the best light for viewing is natural light and very few galleries make use of natural life effeively.

Claude said...

Beautiful! Glad you discovered it and shared it, Jams. I enjoyed seeing more of the artist's paintings on Google.

susan said...

That is a very beautiful image.

jams o donnell said...

The hanging of Sense of Sight was nothing to the Curator's hanging of rther poor modern art among older works... It looked terrible,

You are right about the light issue

Claude, Susan it is a beautiful piece

Unknown said...

Since I saw your thumbnail of the painting scroll past on my reader, I've wanted to come by and check it out. Then Susan wrote and suggested I do. Annie's work is very elegant and feminine. I LOVE the way she painted those hands. To my eye, they look more realistic than the face and background and that combination immediately made me fond of it.

That's a good shot, Jams. Those are hard to get when there is glare. Real glad you shared it.

jams o donnell said...

Glad you like it too Sphinx. The painting captivated me when I first saw a pic of it on the internet years ago. Swynnerton's work is a delight. Shame about the angle and graininess though