05 November 2010

A small spit in the face of public servants but still a spit

Wrong finger but we get the message

It’s not uncommon for governments to bring in placemen into departments as special advisors. Labour did it and the Tories did it when they were previously in power. I’m not saying that it’s right but it is done.

A personal photographer is a different matter though. If Cameron. According to the Guardian (and plenty of other sources) the Cabinet Office has confirmed it had given Andrew Parsons, a former Tory party employee described as Mr Cameron’s “vanity photographer”, a job in the civil service.
Nicky Woodhouse, a filmmaker who has made hundreds of the 'web Cameron' films for the Tory party, has also been put on the civil service payroll.

The pair have been hired by the Cabinet Office on a one year contract, worth around £35,000 each, with a brief to work across all Government departments.

The jobs were not advertised to anyone else and their positions did not exist under the last Government.

The Government announced a recruitment freeze not long after they took power. So much for that then. Okay this is not a huge issue in the grand scheme of things but it sends a message to civil servants facing the axe – a message of utter arrogance on the part of the Government.

If nearly half a million jobs are going, slashing the number of people to provide essential services and deliver policies then why the hell is there money for a personal photographer?


CalumCarr said...

Not a "small spit" but a "big gob"!

jams o donnell said...

It's certainly a spit, regardless of the magnitude. Cameron clearly does not give a shit.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would also check where his freaking hairdresser hides these days.

jams o donnell said...

Ah he's Secretary of State for Justics Snoopy!