01 November 2010

Now Galloway name drops Carlos the Jackal

Now I know that there are many people who love to name drop. I’ve done it once or twice myself. But there are limits – If I had gone to tea with Fred West and Harold Shipman, I don’t think that is something I would broadcast to the world.

But then I’m not George Galloway, SS* and I’m not paid good money to write in a Scottish newspaper every Monday (or to at as a cats paw for the Iranian regime).

In today’s Daily Record Galloway, SS**, recounts the details of a telephone conversation he had recently with, of all people, Carlos the Jackal.

“Sitting with my lawyer in Beirut last week, the meeting was interrupted by a call from one of his clients in Paris.

After an interminable conversation in Arabic, the lawyer handed the phone to me.

"It's an honour to talk to you, comrade Galloway. This is Commander Carlos, the political prisoner in Paris," he said.

For it was indeed Carlos the Jackal on the phone to me and appearing in a film of the same name for you in cinemas everywhere right now. Not that Carlos thinks much of the movie.

"It's propaganda," he told me when I tried to change the subject to less dangerous territory. "They make out I am a psychopath, shooting anywhere. They have me as a drug addict, when I have never taken drugs in my life, an alcoholic, a womaniser... "

…Carlos the Jackal, in the 13th year of his sentence, is currently the subject of negotiations between the prisoner's home government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and the French authorities.

Who knows, maybe he will be transferred to his homeland? Maybe then I should make the real movie of the life of "Commander Carlos".

I wonder what the real movie of “Commander Carlos” would be?

The tale of a lantern-jawed freedom fighter from the barrios who fought injustice and for the freedom of the oppressed everywhere?

Or perhaps he will be a bit more honest and portray Carlos as the poor little rich kid turned mercenary with a bit of ideology tacked on for good measure(and as mercenaries go he wasn’t all that good given the number of screwed up missions)

Somehow I feel he will go for something close to the former rather than the latter.

Ah well..,

* As stated in previous posts about Galloway SS stands for Stalinist Shithead and is not a reference to Schutzstaffel

** This time it stands for slimy shit-stain. I know that should be SSS but hopefully the hyphen should prevent that…


Silent Hunter said...

Carlos has already died in fiction; he was killed by David Webb/Jason Bourne in the The Bourne Ultimatum novel.

Oddly enough, Kim Jong-Il has also died in fiction as well.

jams o donnell said...

Wasn't that Team America SH?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Why not Galloway SSSSS? It may look too grand, I know...