05 May 2012

Hawkwind Dangerous Vision

A softer Hawkwind song written and sung by Keith Hale, Hawkwind's keyboard player after Tim Blake was sacked (Blake rejoined as a full member of the band a few years ago, performing on Blood of the Earth and Onward)

Dnagerous Visions was recorded at the Lewisham Odeon in 1980. It first appeared on Zones and appeared on the Levitation re-release which features the full Lewisham concert (Ginger Baker drum solo excepted!)


Francis Sedgemore said...

Dangerous Visions gig at the Lewisham Odeon in 1980 - I woz there. And I recall the drum solo too.

jams o donnell said...

Saw them at the Hammy Odeon that year. Ginger Baker was not the right drummer for Hawkwind... At least Richard Chadwick, who's been in the band since 1989 would never do a solo.... Thank Fuck!