03 May 2012

That's my voting duty done until the next council or general election

In London we don't get to vote quite as often as other parts of the country: Many councils elect councillors three years in every four (one seat i each ward up for election in those years). In London we get to vote  once every four years for in council elections (Havering seats are up for grabs again in 2014) and the same for the London  Mayor and the Greater London Assembly.

The Mayor and GLA elections take place today and, to be honest, the two leading candidates reflect a choice between shit and shite. Incumbent mayor Boris Johnson is an incompetent buffoon while the Labour candidate and former mayor Ken Livingstone is a slimy piece of drekk.

Although I have been a Labour Party member since I was 21 I have never liked Livingstone. He became leader of the old GLC courtesy of a putsch back in 1981. He almost certainly would have been defeated heavily had not Thatcher in her infinite and utterly undemocratic wisdom not abolished the Mettroplitan borough councils (London Merseyside, South Yorkshire et al). Had it not been for Thatcher's crassness Livingstone would be not have the mystique that saw him win the first two mayoral elections.

I held my nose and voted for him in the last two mayoral elections and I thought I could this time around. However I just couldn't. In the end I voted Siobhan Benita  for my first choice and Gree as my second preference. I did vote Labour in the GLA-wide and the constituency elections though.

Ah well.....


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, London will stay Kenless for a few more years. Not a bad decision.

Now if we could become Bibiless that easy...

jams o donnell said...

Sadly being Kenless meant being Borisful! On balance the slimy shit was marginally better than the tory gobshite, but not much better.

Bib beggars belief