21 February 2010

Roll on spring...

Not a good photo but at least something is blooming in the garden....and on a brighter note - although bad weather has delayed spring by several weeks, garderners are confident that it will be a stunner when it does arrive.

A survey by National Trust gardeners and volunteers has shown that flowering dates have been set back by up to a month, bucking a trend for the earlier flowering seen in recent years.

Ian Wright, a gardens adviser to the National Trust, said: "This year plants have been held back by around two to four weeks by the cold weather, but once it warms up everything will be blooming at once, rather than over a longer period of time, so we can expect a spectacular spring."

Richard Todd, head gardener at the National Trust's Anglesey Abbey in Lode, Cambridgeshire, said: "Once this latest cold snap has given up, it will all happen in a hurry as there are huge numbers of bulbs and winter flowering shrubs just waiting in the wings ready to go."

THis sounds promising. We will see very soon if this prediction is correct. I hope it is!


Claude said...

They look as forlorn as I do, Jams. But I bet they're more alive! Tomorrow, I'm going to buy flowers in a pot. I feel that, in Toronto, none will ever grow again in the ground. What a season we're having! No snow, no sun, no green. Gray, desolate, naked landscape all around.

susan said...

Here in Portland spring arrived at least four weeks early this year. That likely means it will rain until September.

jams o donnell said...

That sounds grim Claudia. Getting a potted plant is a great idea. A SAD light might be just what you want too

Ah is Porland a place where all weather lore points to rain!