28 August 2006

At Long Last a Memorial for Bomber Crews

After decades of campaigning by veterans a memorial has at long last been unveiled at Lincoln Cathedral to honour the 55,000 men who died while serving as bomber crew in World War II.

Lincoln is an appropriate place for such a memorial as Lincolnshire was the location of many of the RAF’s bomber stations - the cathedral served as a homecoming beacon for the bombers flying back from raids in Europe.

Douglas Hudson, a former navigator with 100 squadron, helped unveil the memorial:"And now in the hallowed precincts of Lincoln Cathedral for this poignant unveiling ceremony. It is absolutely wonderful."



Shhh... said...

Excellent as always...reference to you here..!

jams o donnell said...

Wow, woo woo! I hope Molara liked what she saw!

the flying monkeys said...

ha ha she must have

jams o donnell said...

I will admit some of my blog entries do make strange bedfellows, but such is the way my brain connects!