15 February 2007

And there was I wasting time with the Grauniad and the Indy

An agreement reached with North Korea for it to close its nuclear reactor in exchange for fuel or economic aid received widespread coverage in the world's press earlier this week. I was curious to see how North Korea ran the story. I would have expected some coverage showing it as a victory for the Great (or is still the Dear) Leader and Juche over the "imperialistic brigands" of the United States. The Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) has absolutely nothing to say on the agreement but I did find out that:

(15 February) symposia have been held to on Kim Jong Il’s undying feats. Apparently the speakers profoundly explained the imperishable feats performed by Kim Jong Il for the times and history. They said (no less!) Kim Jong Il, genius of thought and theory, scientifically formulated the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung and steadily developed it in depth to meet the demand of the developing revolution, thus clearly indicating the road ahead of the times and humankind….. And so on and so forth.

(14 February) A collection of anecdotes about music saw the light. The first part of the book includes touching anecdotes dealing with the extraordinary wisdom and tireless leadership of Kim Jong Il who led the musicians to make songs lauding the brilliant revolutionary life, undying revolutionary exploits and noble virtues of President Kim Il Sung…. I will spare you the other four parts.

(12 February) Public presentation on greatness of Kim Jong Il held during which speakers said that Kim Jong Il had performed undying feats on behalf of the era and history by leading the Korean revolution and the cause of global independence to victory with his distinguished political ability and extraordinary Songun revolutionary leadership…. Well you get the message

It is heartening to see that Kim Jong Il is never short of floral baskets as this seems to be the thing every other head of state ever gives him…

As for the Korean Friendship Association it is also heartening to note that that splendid fellow Dermot Hudson organised a public meeting n West London last Saturday which was attended by more than 35 people (36 people?). A video "Faith of Korea" was shown which featured the advantages of socialism and carried coverage of the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il tirelessly giving on the spot guidance including late at night.

And there was me planning to watch Volver and Das Experiment this weekend when I could be watching this!


Anonymous said...

Do you suppose Kim Jong Il gets terribly depressed if people don't heap praise on him all day, everyday? Maybe he should try Prozac instead.

jams o donnell said...

That I wonder Roger. Perhaps the DPRK would be a far happier place if he did take a load of prozac. Perhaps it would not be such a tyranny. That or or some Arsenic!

Steve Bates said...

I've often thought Kim was a flower short of a basket.

One blog (sorry; I can't remember which) had the temerity to suggest that the deal under consideration (correction: signed; obviously I was behind on the news) is not far different from the one back in Bill Clinton's day... except that now Kim has nukes, if he decides to back out.

This is what comes of refusing to talk to one's enemies until it's too late. This is what comes of having a damned fool at the head of one's government. (I would ordinarily direct that last sentence equally at N. Korea and the U.S., but now I'm not so sure about the DPRK.)

jams o donnell said...

What to say Steve? I am sure the original agreement would have stuck in the craw but if DPRK had been faced down more effectively I really wonder if it would have gotten to the position where DPRK built a nuke - albeit a misfiring one if the analysis of their test is correct.

Ultimately the lunacy that is the DPRK must be dismantled.