06 February 2007

Blows against the empire, sorry post room workers

An explosion today at Vantis is giving rise to fears that a disgruntled driver is conducting a letter bomb campaign at firms involved with speed cameras and the congestion charge.

Two people were injured when a letter bomb addressed to the managing director of Speed Check Services was opened by staff at Vantis,an accountancy firm working with firms involved in speed camera and congestion charge revenues. The attack follows an explosion yesterday in the post room of Capita, which operates London’s congestion charge. One woman was injured in that explosion.

Chances are that this is the work of a lone head case who really thinks that he is striking a blow against a faceless corporation by sending letter bombs. Is he (I doubt it is a woman doing this) so damned stupid that his letter bombs would be delivered unopened to senior executive? The only blow being struck here is against post room workers who probably don’t earn an awful lot above the minimum wage.

Meanwhile campaigner Captain Gatso, director of group Motorists Against Detection (an organisation that appears to be devoted to blowing up speed cameras) gave one of those half hearted condemnations when he said: "We are not responsible for these attacks and do not condone causing injury to anyone. However, there is a war against motorists and it seems this is an act of retaliation."

A war on motorists? What crass rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

There was some silly twat on PM saying much the same thing.

I have no time for these people. If you don't like speed cameras, slow down.

jams o donnell said...

Hmm what would they have said if someone had had their heads blown off.. stupid bastards.

Hmm slowing down? now that is a radical thought for them but you know it might just work!