04 July 2012

Hawkwind fan to appear on Question Time

It has been announced that Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon is due to appear on Question Time.  Lydon will join former home secretary Alan Johnson and Conservative MP Louise Mensch on the long-running BBC1 current affairs show tomorrow.

Producers will be hoping there is no repeat of the Sex Pistols' famously foul-mouthed 1976 appearance on Bill Grundy's show which propelled them into the headlines and wrecked the broadcaster's career.

Now that will get me watching QT.Oh please please call Louise Mensch a fucking rotter!

It is true that ohnny Rotten liked Hawkwind. The Pistols during reunions have played Silver Machine and not as an ironic statement!


Francis Sedgemore said...

I don't normally watch Question Time, which Chris Dillow has likened to "... a zoo in which soundbites are vomited into an audience who clap like hyperactive seals." But I'll certainly be watching it tomorrow for Lydon.

jams o donnell said...

I usually can't be bothered with QT but this time I think I will be watching!

DS said...

He was never anti establishment, just a part of a manufactured pop group, the butter hawker came across as a bore, was well out of his depth and looked suitably admonished when told to stop interrupting. He made Louise Minchin seem interesting and that takes some doing.

jams o donnell said...

It was clear that his Sex Pisotls poses were just that. His autobiography would dispel any illusions there. Not as interesting as I had hoped. He shouldn't have pulled the working class thing.