26 July 2012

London - Worst Olympics Ever ...........

Well that's it, the 2012 Games are an abject failure so everyone should go home right away... well if you pay the slightest attention to the sort of person who leaves comments on newspaper websites.

The subject of such coments? Some events start before the Opening ceremony, the first being the Women's football where the first round of games were played yesterday. All went well for the first games: a victory for GB over New Zealand; the USA coming from two goals don to beat France 4-2 and so on... But then the North Korea/Colombia game took place.... or nearly didn't

The people operating the scoreboard at Hampden Park in Glasgo made a mistake over the national flag of North Korea showing the South Korean flag on the scoreboard instead. This incensed the North Koreans, a prickly bunch of arseholes at the best of times, who walked off the pitch and didn't return for an hour.

They eventually bet the Colombians 2-0 but the Organisers were left with some egg on their faces.

This was a silly mistake which should not have happened but to read the press, certainly the comments, you would imagine that Lord Coe had gone to Pyonyang and taken a shit in the mouth of Kin il--Sung's corpse.

Then again a lot of the people who comment on papers are the ones who want the games to fail. Me? I want them to be a sucess, No I don;t believe that they will be the worst games ever despite the title!


Claude said...

I hope it works too. Specially for the young athletes who have done so much work to prepare for it.

jams o donnell said...