28 July 2012

Sweden bombs Belarus....

Well it looks lie war between Sweden and Belarus... Well maybe not but the the latter has confirmed that an airplane "invaded" its territory earlier this month to drop a payload of..... teddy bears holding signs promoting free speech. According to  Aljazeera  confirmation came on Thursday from Belarusian Dictator Lubyankashenko at a meeting on the modernisation of the country's armed forces, 

Chartered by Studio Total, which bills itself as "northern Scandinavia's most notorious ad agency", the single-engine aircraft  crossed over the Lithuanian border on July 4, dropping 876 teddy bears on the capital Minsk and the small town of Ivyanets.  

For weeks, Belarus' government denied any plane illegally entered the country's airspace that morning, claiming that videos of the airdrop released by Studio Total were faked. 

On a darker note KGB (why change names after the USSR broke up) detained Anton Suryapin, a 20-year-old journalism student, after he posted a picture of one of the teddy bears to a website he runs called Belarusian News Photos. Suryapin is being held by the KGB under Article 371, Part 3 of Belarus' Criminal Code, which concerns "organising illegal migration". Syarhei Basharimau, a real estate agent who rented apartments in Minsk to the plane's two pilots, has been charged under the same article.

Andrei Savinykh, the spokesperson for Belarus' Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said police. believe that the flight couldn't have taken place "without some previous preparation", and that they believe Studio Total "might have accomplices" who  helped plan the mission. Savinykh told Al Jazeera that the aircraft was detected, "but the air defence did nothing. They didn’t consider the aircraft as a military threat because it was a small aircraft and usually the air defence system is focusing on high-speed heavy crafts." However, Savinykh said their failure to act was a "violation of instructions" and that the responsible personnel will be punished. Savinykh also described the penetration of Belarusian airspace as a "crime". "The citizens of the Western countries, they are simply committing crimes out of their countries in, as they say, [a] fight for freedom. It looks like a Western fundamentalism".

One one level it was an amusing stunt but not for those who have ended up in the hands of the KGB and probably will end up in jail.Then agai Belarus is the last bastion of the old Soviet Union and acts accordingly. There's little chance we will see the back of Lukashenko any time soon sadly


Silent Hunter said...

Reminds me of Mathias Rust. Remember him?

jams o donnell said...

I do indeed!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah. Many heads will fly, and the only consolation is that at least that creep Lukashenko had a bout of indigestion (probably).

jams o donnell said...

Shame the indigestion wasn't fatal!