24 August 2007

Even the Daily Mail couldn’t object to this one

According to a survey commissioned by the campaign to find Madeleine McCann MEPs overwhelmingly support creating an EU-wide sex offenders register.

97% of MEPs agreed there should be an EU-wide sex offenders register; 95% said police should treat serious crimes involving children exactly the same across Europe. An overwhelming majority also supported the introduction of a common EU policy on child abduction cases. Similarly 84% of British MPs believed sex offenders should be tracked as they move across Europe and forced to register with local police. Almost nine in 10 MPs felt that the UK's Child Rescue Alert - an emergency scheme to publicise suspected child abductions within hours - should be extended across the EU.

Gerry McCann, father of from Madeleine who disappeared in the Algarve in May said he and his wife were heartened by the findings of the survey. "We are pleased to see that elected members of both the UK and European parliaments agree that changes to legislation and greater consistency across the European Union are needed.” He said.

Personally I think harmonisation in this area is a no-brainer. It's heartening to see an arch-sceptic paper like the Daily Mail not spitting fury over an issue where the EU can improve things.. Wonders never cease!

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