20 August 2007

Ivy - regeneration

Our garden has never been particularly neat. On the whole, we prefer a slightly wilder look so we let the plants do their own. One of our favourite features was the rich dense ivy growing up a boundary wall. It reached its peak last September (see above).

On 23 September the not-wife came home to find that the ivy had fallen down damaging a lot of well loved plants. It was unlikely to have come down of its own accord. We suspect that the neighbour pushed it down but we can't prove it,

11 months on and it's good to see that the ivy is well on its way to a full recovery. Next year it will be covered in berries again providing an autumnal treat for the local birds safe from our four feline hunters,


James Higham said...

All the better for climbing on.

jams o donnell said...

Not when you are a person of my carriage it isn't!