11 August 2007

Robyn Hitchcock Box sets...

Robyn Hitchcock’s record company Yep Roc has announced that it will be releasing not one but two box sets of his music in the near future. October will see the release of I Wanna Go Backwards which includes expanded versions of his debut solo album Black Snake Diamond Role, I Often Dream of Trains and Eye, plus a two disc collection of outtakes b-sides and demo recordings called While Thatcher Mauled Britain Part 1 & 2.

Eye, Black Snake Diamond Role and I Often Dream of Trains will also be released individually in their expanded editions. The second box, tentatively titled Bad Case of History, is due early 2008. It will feature three Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians records: Fegmania, Gotta Let This Hen Out, Element of Light and an alternate/outtake collection called Dynasty.

This is good news for Robyn fans as many of these albums are long deleted. For me it will be a case of buying some of them for a third time, if I buy them of course. I suppose it will depend on what’s on While Thatcher Mauled Britain and Dynasty. I would imagine that Doctor Sticky will finally get its first legitimate CD release.... Oh yes, Yep Roc is also releasing Robyn's second solo album Groovy Decay for download. I will strongly advise avoiding it as it is shite!

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