26 November 2008

Urgent appeal to save the life of Farzad Kamangar

This alert came from Labourstart today.

Education International (EI) has been informed that Farzad Kamangar, the Iranian Kurdish teacher and social worker sentenced to death on "absolutely zero evidence" according to his lawyer, could be hanged on Wednesday 26 November 2008.

According to several reliable sources, he has been taken from his cell 121 in ward 209 of Tehran’s Evin prison in preparation for execution. Jail security officers are said to have told him he is about to be executed and they are making fun of him, calling him a martyr.

The Revolutionary Court issued the death sentence against Kamangar on 25 February 2008. His lawyer has said: "Nothing in Kamangar’s judicial files and records demonstrates any links to the charges brought against him." Kamangar was cleared of all charges during the investigation process. The last time Kamangar was seen, he was at the health clinic of Evin prison and his physical condition was poor. Witnesses testify that he has been beaten again. Kamangar has not been allowed to see his lawyer or family members for the past two months.

EI has been appealing to the Iranian authorities to commute Kamangar's death sentence and ensure his case is reviewed fairly.

Now, EI is once again appealing to Iranian judicial authorities to halt the execution. EI is also asking members of the international community urgently to intervene.

Click here to send a message of protest to President Ahmadinejad


CherryPie said...

Thanks for posting this, I couldn't get the link to work for me.

I think it is appalling.

Sean Jeating said...

Same with me, Jams.
Tried twice, however when pushing the 'send message'-button the message would not be sent.

Anyway, good on you, and
the peace of the night.

Kay Dennison said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! This is horrifying! I look at this and what has happened in Mumbai and I am shattered at what has become of the world.

jams o donnell said...

Sorry the link didn't work.Perhaps it was overloaded.

Me too Kay. THere are times that I look upon the world with horror

James Higham said...

What was he ... er ... actually charged with?

Nunyaa said...

Sorry I never got here before the date stated, any news of what happened Jams??

jams o donnell said...

"endangering national security" and "enmity against God" James. Essentially it looks like a trumped up charge against a kurdish teacher

No news yet Nunnyaa

Anonymous said...

Murdered by the Iranian regime on 9 May 2010