14 November 2009

Not quite the pride of Romford

Local scouts has made the national press for all the wrong reasons. Not for him “bob a jobs” or other goodly works. The little louts made the news by making anti Semitic comments at last Sunday’s Remembrance Parade at the war memorial in Romford

According to the Guardian and other papers, at least explorer scouts taking part in Remembrance Sunday service in Romford, Essex was heard to repeatedly shout "Let's kill the Jews" at Jewish veterans.

The Rev Lee Sunderland, who was taking part in the service, expressed shock after hearing the scouts shout: "Here come the Jews, let's kill the Jews."

Other witnesses said the racists chants were started by a boy believed to be 15 years old. One of the troop has since come forward and been interviewed by police. He has been ordered by the Scout Association to visit the rabbi of the Romford and district synagogue to apologise in person.

Jack Rose from the synagogue said: "They were boy scouts who are supposed to be true to their cause. Somewhere along the line someone has been completely stupid or they really think these things."

Paul Freedman, an 84-year-old Jewish former RAF pilot who laid a wreath at the service, challenged the scouts. "I was absolutely fuming ... I told them I was a Jew and I'd spent four and a half years in the RAF during the second world war, and that Jewish people had sacrificed so much for freedom," he told the Evening Standard.

Simon Carter, a spokesman of the Scout Association, said the scout who confessed to starting the chant flouted the scouting ethos. "As scouts we promise to do our duty and to help other people. Clearly this child has not lived up to this promise”.

Frankly there is at least one scout I would love to see have his arse kicked from the Western Road Synagogue, around the Ring Road twice, up South Street, through the market and finally across to the memorial garden where he can bend over and let the populace (except the 15% of local vermin who voted BNP) take a good run up for a kick...

On the other hand I hope he undertakes some appropriate community service that will ensure it will be several lifetimes before he makes anti Semitic comments again


James Higham said...

Quite right, Jams. Well put.

CherryPie said...

I vote for community service!!

jams o donnell said...

A community service in which he gets his arse kicked Cherie!

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

"A community service in which he gets his arse kicked" Indeed...

It is offensive beyond words....

Unfortunately, more and more of this is happening around the world... We had a situation last year where drunken louts urinated on the National War memorial, here in Ottawa, on Canada Day. This year "kids" (probably in their mid-late teens) vandalized the War memorial in Fredericton, New Brunswick, smashing sections of it to pieces. Another in Kingston, Massachusetts was pushed over. Parts of a new memorial in Caroline Bay in Timaru, NZ were vandalized this week. Bronze plaques in Broomfield Park, Enfield, UK were stolen.

I read one article which said that British memorials are vandalized at the rate of one a week...

NOVEMBER 2008: Five bronze plaques stolen from Commonwealth War Graves Commission site in Manchester.

FEBRUARY 2009: Concrete slab thrown at a war memorial in Stamford, Lincolnshire, smashing a bench.

MARCH: Graffiti scrawled over an Oxford memorial to soldiers from the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

MARCH: Swastika sprayed in bright blue paint over the names of the dead on a memorial in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

APRIL: Graffiti sprayed on a memorial in Cathays Park, Cardiff, to those who served on HMS Cardiff in the Falklands war.

JULY: Newly-installed floodlights destroyed at the MacDuff memorial, Aberdeen.

JULY: Vandals wreck a Merseyside memorial garden for servicemen who died in the Falklands and Iraq wars.

AUGUST: Flagpole snapped at Allenton War Memorial Village in Derbyshire, a home for ex-services personnel.

AUGUST: Ornamental fittings stolen from the war memorial in Briton Ferry, Neath, South Wales.

AUGUST: Thieves tear up stone slabs from a war memorial in North Rigton, Yorkshire.

SEPTEMBER: Vandals smash lovinglymaintained gravestones of war victims in Nottingham Road cemetery, Derby.

OCTOBER: 'Eternal light' stolen from Hawarden Cenotaph in North Wales, the third time in recent months that lighting around the memorial has been smashed or stolen.

OCTOBER: Japanese Second World War gun and carriage in Romsey, Hampshire, is badly damaged by vandals.

OCTOBER: Sheffield student urinates on a war memorial in the midst of a drunken pub crawl.

NOVEMBER: Soldiers are called in to defend a Hartlepool war memorial and attempt to protect it from vandals.

Lest we forget: In November 2004 vandals rampaged through a World War One memorial in Norman Park Huddersfield, tearing down a poignant statue of a lone soldier, stealing nameplates of victims, and scrawling 'Long Live Hitler' on the stonework.


Kay Dennison said...

Well said. I've no patience or tolerance with bigots of any stripe.

Claude said...

I'm fuming...Scouts??? Where are the parents, and the Scoutmasters? I would smack the bare bottoms of those kids in public!

jams o donnell said...

Far too much of this sort of behaviour Anneke. I hate it

Agreed Kaye!

Now that is a suitable punishment Claudia!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would say it's rather the lad's dad (or mebbe mom) whose arse should be kicked, after all the lad heard this from somewhere...

jams o donnell said...

That's true Snoopy. Perhaps a family arse kick is due!