06 April 2010

Good news on Vulture Funds legislation?

This is on the Jubilee Debt Campaign website

The Government has just announced that the vultures bill - the Debt Relief (Developing Countries) Bill - will be included in the 'wash-up' which takes place before the General Election. The 'wash up' is a mechanism through which the party whips agree to take forward bills in the final days before a Parliament is dissolved for a General Election.

This means there is cross-party support for taking the bill forward and means it has a real chance of becoming law this week. We will keep reporting on proceedings in Parliament in coming days.

This is heartening. Here's hoping the Bill becomes law despite the actions of the bastard Christopher Chope


James Higham said...

A lot of horse-trading this evening.

jams o donnell said...


Sara Katt said...

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