12 April 2010

Bishop Giacomo Babini in his own words

Thanks to Modernity I am able to post a transcript of what Babini said. The translation may not be perfect (Not my translation, my Italian is virtually non-existent)but it shows Babini for the vile piece of shit he is.

The Church must seek forgiveness? And for what," asks Bishop Giacomo Babini, Bishop Emeritus of Grosseto.

Eccellenza newspapers and some isolated voices calling the Church a sort of public forgiveness for pedophile priests:

"I think it's time to say enough. forgiveness we have asked too much and we do also to mass every single day. Anglicans think of it, and many of them have decided to become Catholic, now I hope that we board a nice dose of gay. He adds: "pedophilia is a horrible thing and just one event to kick up a fuss, but I am aware that in other denominations and there are proportionally greater than that of the Catholic Church."

But who orchestrated this operation?

"Enemies always cattolicesmo or Freemasons and Jews, and the intertwining of them sometimes is a little easier to understand." "I think it is more ... A Zionist attack, given the power and refinement, they do not want the Church, are natural enemies. After all, historically speaking, the Jews are God-killers. "Now jump," there is little to jump he Scriptures say it nice chiaro.Magari they were unconsciously, have enjoyed the cowardice of Pilate, yes, but are God-killers, the Crucify him have told them and not others. "He states:" Their offense was so serious that Christ premonizzò what would happen with them not weep for me, but for your children.

"What do you mean?"

the Holocaust was a disgrace to humanity, but it should look without rhetoric and with watchful eyes. Do not think that Hitler was just crazy. The truth is that the criminal Nazi fury was unleashed for the excesses and economic mismanagement of the Jews strangling the German economy. A so vehement reaction must even at this, Germany was tired of the harassment of those who practiced usury interest rates. "His speech is not a politically correct" just bad, but it is the duty of bishops to speak clearly, yes, yes, no, no They were God-killers and this does not say Babini, the Gospel says, you deny it or change it?Certainly for goodism you get this too. "States:" Christ is the Redeemer, also died for the salvation of Jews and each and every one of us daily crucify the sin, but from the historical point of view, this was deicide, beautiful and good. "Perhaps there is also the gay lobby:" I do not doubt it, even if they can pull on the Church.

It is things like this that make me glad I turned my back on catholicism over 30 years ago


beakerkin said...

I would sooner take the Pope than Rowan Williams. The Catholic Church will get its act together long before Rowan Williams makes an intelligent remark.

Rowan Williams given all of his idiotic remarks and a divided Church should not lecture anyone on morality.

I am glad he has finally gotten around to grasping that Christians
are being persecuted. He merely leaves out that Muslims and his fellow Marxists are doing 90% of the persecution.

Have you forgotten about the people helped by the Church? I see this each and every day. The scandals are wrong and inexcusable and will be dealt with but the piling on is a bit much.

beakerkin said...


Ask most Jews who practice the faith if they would rather have lunch with the Pope or Rowan Williams. I would sooner trust this Pope or the previous one than Rowan Williams.

Oddly, those African clergymen who rebelled against his authority have more enlightened views on Jews and America than Williams.

On a larger perspective one can find similar abuses in Jewish, Scientology and other Christian Churches. It is a sad thing but the Catholic Church is being ostracized out of all proportion.

jams o donnell said...

Yawn Beakerkin. Had hald of these words come from someone you consider a leftist (anyone to the left of Gengis Khan) you would ahve been frothing at the mouth in anger.

beakerkin said...


As stated before I am a Jew that practices the faith. Most of them like my brother an ordained pulpit Rabbi respect the Catholic Church. We recognize that the over the top bashing of the Church while ignoring the real contributions of it to the community each and every day is absurd.

The scandals are inexcusable and will be deal with or the Church will not survive.

That being said most Jews who are familiar with the comments of Williams are not favorably disposed to him. He has had a long
record of comments that we are offended by.

The remarks of the Bishop were more silly than anything else. This
does not even begin to compare with Williams less than sincere and in the case of Jews preposterous.