17 June 2012

Bomber Comand Memorial NOT being snubbed by the BBC

It is good to see that the Bomber Command memorial will finally be unveiled in Green Park on  28 June.  If you read  The Daily Mail you would imagine that a cabal of trotskyists is snubbing the ceremony totally.

The bone of contention seems to be that the BBC (as it just did with Aung Sann Suu Kyi's Nobel speech ) will be broadcasting the ceremony live on its news channel. A full tribute will be broadcast on BBC2 at5pm

The Mail craps on how the news channel is little used and that BBC 1 will be showing Cash in the Attic repeats; BBC2 will show coverage of Wimbledon at the time. Needess to say that there is much frothing at the mouth by the author of the article and commentators.

As regular readers know I have a particular interest in the activities of Bomber Command during WWII - my father being a former Pathfinder -  so I will tune in to BBC news (channel 601 on Virgin) to watch the coverage.

Although the rollout of Digital tv is not complete (Tyne Tees and Ulster have yet to switch over but those with cable or satellite are fine) everyone else can  simply tune into channel 80 and watch it in the comfort of their homes.  Some people should be reminded that we don't have just five terrestrial channels now.


susan said...

It's nice there will soon be a permanent memorial and I hope you'll enjoy watching the ceremony.

Whenever I come across an article topic linked to the Daily Mail I always think twice before going there.

Silent Hunter said...

Agree - it's easy to find the BBC News channel.

jams o donnell said...

A sensible move Susan!

Very easy SH!