07 June 2012

Nick Clegg - more incompetent as an author than a politician

Reformed arsonist  Clegg  has revealed that he wrote  a "shockingly bad" draft of a novel in his early twenties (to be fair, so did I) .

According to the Independent Clegg said his attempt was inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez's The Autumn Of The Patriarch, Acknowledging that his work wouldn't be bothering the Booker Prize jury any time soon, he promised that the 120-page effort "will never see the light of day".

He  added: "I find writing very therapeutic. I would love to emulate the style of one of my favourite writers, J M Coetzee, although I don't think I ever could. But I love that very simple, sparse style – not a single surplus word. It's almost barren; so beautiful."   He also listed Crime And Punishment by Dostoevsky, Lampedusa's The Leopard and Roy Jenkins's biography of William Gladstone among his seven favourite books

Hmm So Clegg has ound something his is worse at than politics. Perhaps if he does try writing that noel he could try a few of these as titles:

Love in the Time of Cameron
Chronicle of a Political Death Foretold
No one Writes to the Deputy Leader
Of Clegg and Other Demons

Or  if he tries to emulate John Maxwell Coetzee

Waiting for the Austerians
The life and Times of Nicholas C
Diary of Some Bad Years, 2010-2014?
The Lives of Liberals



Gledwood said...

Is it true Nick Clegg is worth £100,000,000? Or at least that his family is? If so, why on earth is he wasting his time being a Liberal Democrat MP... especially as his party advocates HIGHER taxes for the rich..!!

jams o donnell said...

Didn't realise that but I'm not surprised if he is from a very rich family. Perhaps he will cut the crap and turn Tory one day.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would go in this case with the recent fashion of adding "and zombies" to an already existing title. Fits any politician in the world...

jams o donnell said...

Now there's a thought!