12 September 2009

Ataraxia - A Votre Guise

Putting Baudelaire's Envirez Vous to music


James Higham said...

The unexpected with the French at all times.

jams o donnell said...

Although Atraxia are actually Italian

Claude said...

Le poème de Beaudelaire est "Enivrez-vous." It means: "Get drunk!" Whoever translated the lyrics on YouTube did quite well, except for the title of the poem.
The title of the song, "A votre guise" means: "As you wish."

The poem is in prose. The poet says: Keep drinking. Drinking what? Wine, poetry or virtue. As you wish. (A votre guise.) But keep drinking. He means to drink of life, and not to let time enslave you.

The whole poem is beautiful. And I enjoyed the song very much. Thank you, Jams.

Claude said...

I'm sure you knew what the song was about, Jams.:) But it was so pleasant to rediscover this beautiful poem, that I became too talkative. Sorry!

jams o donnell said...

Ah Claudia it's a beauty isn't it? I must buy the album it's on Paris Spleen but it's not easy to find here.