17 September 2009

Probo Koala - A Statement by Trafigura

Yesterday Trafigura included the following points in a statement of position about the dumping of toxic waste in Abidjan. It is was an addendum to a joint statement between the company and Leigh Day & Co in respect of a legal action being pursued by the latter against the former on behalf of Ivorian citizens who were affected by the dumping incident:

Following media enquiries and comments, Trafigura reiterates its long-held position as follows:

* The company has always maintained that the Probo Koala’s slops could not possibly have caused deaths and serious or long term injuries. Independent expert witnesses firmly support Trafigura in this stance.

* Although it was agreed by both parties that the UK group action case would only focus on causation, Trafigura has always denied and continues to deny any liability for events that occurred in the Ivory Coast. The company sought at all times to comply with all relevant regulations and procedures concerning the offloading of the Probo Koala’s slops in Abidjan. Compagnie Tommy was a fully licensed contractor, recommended to Trafigura by an experienced and reputable Ivorian shipping agent to handle the slops in a legal and responsible manner. Consequently, Trafigura cannot have foreseen the reprehensible and illegal way in which Compagnie Tommy then proceeded to dump the slops.

* Trafigura has consistently stated that the Probo Koala was returning from a routine commercial voyage to deliver a gasoline cargo in Lagos, Nigeria, when it stopped in Abidjan. Consequently, any suggestion that the vessel was sent to West Africa solely for the purpose of offloading its slops is entirely inaccurate.

The next post shows that they are liars

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