10 December 2006

What Happened on my Birthday?

I saw this on Jo’s Journal so I thought I would have a go myself

What you do is:

1. Go to Wikipedia

2. Type your birth month and day but not the year in the search box

3. List three events that happened on your birthday, two important birthdays and one death and finally One holiday or observance (if any)

So here is what happened on my birthday:


1461 - The Battle of Towton , the bloodiest ever happen on British soil

1857 - Mangal Padney's revolt, an action that seems to have sparked off the Sepoy Revolt (or First Indian War of Independence)

1974 – First fly by of Mercury by Mariner 10


1899 - Lavernti Beria (Ugh Jesus!)

1943 – The Prince of Greyness

Bugger it! Just for that I am going to have a third one so I choose Lucy Lawless of Xena fame and who can now be seen from time to time in Battlestar Galactica playing a cylon


1751 Thomas Coram as in the famous foundling hospital

Feast Day

Not a lot here – I’ll choose Saint Bertold. It’s a shame he is not the patron saint of some embarrassing ailment, not like dear St George who is also patron saint of syphilitics and people with nasty skin conditions.


Steve Bates said...

Happy Birthday, jams, and may you live to see many, many more!

Sorry I can't use that Hit40 calculator; I'm just a few years too old for it. But I don't need Wikipedia to tell me the most famous (infamous) event that happened on my birthday: the U.S. dropped an A-bomb on Hiroshima. I was born three years later. Amid my birthday festivities, sometime during the day I usually read Thomas Merton's "Original Child Bomb" in remembrance.

Steve Bates said...

Oops... I made the apparently mistaken assumption that today was your birthday. Oh well. Have a happy one, whenever it occurs!

jams o donnell said...

Hmm not a good event to say the least. I have not heard of the poem Original Child Bomb. I must check it out.

Actually my birthday is 29 March but it seemed to be fun to post this as I am definitely in a frivolous mood today!

Agnes said...

Let alone my birthday, Steve, jams, that is the birthday of Dr mengele (a different year though).

Fortunately also the beginning of the bacchanalias, so let us cheer up,

Steve Bates said...

redwine, you don't seem the Mengele type, though your commenting avatar is wielding a knife...

Actually, I think my "blogmother," humorist/parodist Mad Kane, drew the worst birthday in terms of recent events, especially considering she lives in New York City: September 11.

"Original Child Bomb" is a unique work. Some call it an essay; some call it a poem. There are accompanying monochrome graphics, not of the event but of an appropriately somber character. The last time I searched, the text was not available in its entirety anywhere on the web. I have a printed copy that I obtained from a used book store, a large but thin paperback, apparently from a later edition. I regret that the last time I searched it appeared not to be in print. The text is moving in its simplicity; if you can find it, it is very much worth reading.

jams o donnell said...

Mengele, Beria and Hiroshima.. Ach I suppose there are plenty of evil scumbags or events for everyone

Bacchanalia on the other hand is a good one to have, Red!

Ah Redwine uses the infamous Anna Planeta from a film called Sweet Movie. A 1974 film that is still probably banned in many countries. It still is here.

Bloody hell the copies on Amzon UK are a hideous price used (£130.. hmm I will pass up). I will try abebooks and see if I can find a copy. That or just re-read Hershey's Hiroshima

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for blue jeans with copper rivets.

A chandelier falls at Palais Garnier killing some people.

Cuba declares independence and elects a President.

The Battle Of Hmaburger Hill in Vietnam ends.

Ho Hum.

I figured out your birthday already, jams, from your next post. Now, I can send you something tacky and goofy in an e-card.

jams o donnell said...

I don't know ewbl, where would jeans be without rivets? I was in a bit of a frivolous mood on Sunday.. until Pinochet died anyway.