29 July 2009

James McIntyre - Canada's Bard of Cheese

Hints to Cheese Makers

Addressed to Jonathan Wingle, Esq.

All those who quality do prize
Must study color, taste and size

And keep their dishes clean and sweet,
And all things round their factories neat,
For dairymen insist that these
Are all important points in cheese.
Grant has here a famous work
Devoted to the cause of pork.
For dairymen find that it doth pay
To fatten pigs upon the whey,
For there is money raising grease
As well as in the making cheese.

Silly Week


Knatolee said...

WHo knew we had a poet laureate of cheese??!

CherryPie said...

A gem :-)

Claude said...

Knatolee- Nice to discover another Ontarian.

Jams- Sometimes I find it hard to play the Anthem and raise the Canadian flag for James McIntyre!!!

jams o donnell said...

Live and learn Knatolee!

It is certainly a gem Cherie!

If I were Canadian I would sing Oh Canada in tribute to such a genius Claudia!

Claude said...

Jams - You might be right! At least, his words taste good.:)

jams o donnell said...

Oh they certainly do Claudia!

Sean Jeating said...

As I ran out of rhymes about cheese,
- my poetry turned to the geese - ,
accept once again these,
Cheese - I eat full loads,
and always grateful I am
to cows, sheep and goats.
Sometimes I do prefer ham.


Claude said...

Another McIntyre
to forcefully admire.
You said it all,

jams o donnell said...

Our creative jucies are afire
all thanks to Jimmy MacIntyre
A man of words who eschewed bees
to bring forth verses about cheese

James Higham said...

I like that last one of yours in particular just now.

jams o donnell said...

You are a veritable connoisseur of doggerel!

Anonymous said...
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jams o donnell said...

Anonymous shove your spam where the sun don't shine

His Girl Friday said...

I'll pass on the spam and stick to the ham...

bees knees, where's the cheese?

Maddy said...

Well as you know......California is the Cheese State / capital of the world........so they tell me.

His Girl Friday said...


jams o donnell said...

Agreed His Girl Friday

nitl death and from te pram
I've had a horror of tinned spam!

Maddy I thought Wisconsin was the cheese state!

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Hints to Truth Seekers
Addressed to whoever will listen.

All those who seek out the facts
Wade through lies and devious acts
And maintain our wishes free of deceit,
And all prejudice left out on the street,
For truth insists the facts are kept dear
If one is to know a truth from their rear!

Grant this your mind to take hold
Seizing all facts like they’re made of gold.
For everyman shall find that it pays
If truth is near and the lie's kept at bay,
For joy will fail if your uncouth
Yet thrive if you seek the truth.

jams o donnell said...

Well said Poetryman

Knatolee said...

We need to teach you the French version of O Canada. And hi Claudia!

jams o donnell said...

I'll be happy to learn knatolee!

Claude said...

Jams - O Canada! Terre de nos aïeux..
It wouldn't be the first French entry on your blog. Remember The Tayside tragedian on the Bard, (March 30,09) where we had a Riming Contest in different languages. Maybe 70 poems!!!!!! I wrote 5 verses in French. You and C'est La Craig answered. It was so much fun! I printed all the pages.

Bonjour, Knatolee. It would be great to see O Canada in French, on Jams blog.

jams o donnell said...

Your wish is my command Claudia!

Claude said...

And you did it, Jams! I haven't recovered yet....Merci again, and again.:)