16 April 2012

Breivik trial starts

The trial of Anders Berivik, who murdered 77 people last year has comenced in Oslo. He shot 69 people dead at a Norwegian Labour Party youth camp, and killed a further eight with a bomb at a government building in Oslo.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges, claiming self defence: "I acknowledge the acts, but not criminal guilt - I claim I was doing it in self-defence", he said.

He also refused to acknowledge the authority of the court trying him:

"I don't recognize Norwegian courts because you get your mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism."

Breivik may not recognise the courts but the courts certainly recognise him.  As for self defence bullshit, that claim will be brushed aside in seconds.

In all certainty he is going to jail for the rest of his life. Here's to a very long and very miserable life Breivik


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I should have anticipated it, but my jaw about fell to the floor when I heard the 'self-defence' claim.

Jail. Long time. Please. Get through the clear evidence of the trial and deal with appropriately. Bullshit scarcely covers the enormous insult of the violence this person perpetrated on people around him and the social groups those people were part of (families, communities, Norway as a whole...)

jams o donnell said...

Me too. Given the twisted ind of this man this sort of shit should have been expected.

I doubt he will ever see freedom again, meercifully

nursemyra said...

I wonder if his lawyer will go for an insanity plea

Andrew said...

Issues of sanity and insanity and the definitions of madness and of responsibility. He should, of course, never go free; but difficult issues. Misery? Would you wish misery on a mad man? It is all too easy to make difficult issues seem easy. He was a nice little lad at one stage, I'm sure. What turned him mad, or bad, through the years? Did he turn himself mad, or bad? Difficult issues. I expect him to liken himself to "the brave Norwegian resistance who fought the invading German hordes", and I expect his defence to ever-strengthen the evidence for utter lunacy. Big and difficult issues, though of course, he should never go free. But if and when I go mad, hopefully in a different way, more like how my Dad went mad, and he went utterly mad, I hope nobody condemns me to a life of misery.

jams o donnell said...

I think his defence lawyer probably will Nursie!

Basically Andrew I hope he will never be released. Life inside will not be fun for him. I daresay he will be in segregation for a very log time. I can imagine other inmates would make hs life very uncomfortable otherwise.

jams o donnell said...

That he will not be seen as a resistance hero will probably be miserable for him.

Andrew said...

I expect he will be perfectly happy writing his mad writings in his cell and forever believing that years after his death he will be celebrated as a European hero with streets and squares named in his honour. The human mind is capable of huge self-delusion even when not mad, or bad,whatever madness or badness is. He looks like he is having the thrill of his life and enjoying every moment. Strange species.

jams o donnell said...

We certainly are weird creatures.