09 May 2010

Coming this solstice..

No. not a rerun of the election (I think we can wait a few more months for that) but the first new Hawkwind studio Album since 2005's Take Me To Your Leader.

Blood of the Earth is released on 21 June in three formats - Single CD, 2 CD edition and double vinyl album:

The track Line up on the two disc release is as follows:

Disc 1

Blood of the Earth
Green Machine
Inner Visions
Sweet Obsession
Comfy Chair
You’d Better Believe It

Disc 2

Galactic Angels
Tide of the Century
(All above live)
Long Gone (as recorded for MOJO Syd Barrett Tribute)

The single CD released is as Disc one above plus the bonus track Starshine.
The Vinyl is as the Single CD version plus an additional track Sunship.

Two of the tracks are re-recordings "You'd Better Believe it which appeared on 1974's Hall of the Mountain Grill and Sweet Obsession which appeared on the Dave Brock solo album Earthed to the Ground.

Of the new tracks Wraith, Sentinel, Prometheus and Green Machine have been played live and from what I remember they are pretty good.

Hawkwind are still going (fairly) strong nearly 41 years after forming. I will certainly be making a purchase, perhaps two...

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