17 May 2010

By the Thames

Two of the abandoned concrete barges on the Thames near the Tilda depot in Rainham. They may or may not have been built as part of the D-Day Mulberry Harbour, although one source is of the view that they served as petrol barges.

Whatever their role, these barges are slowly rotting away by the Thames


nursemyra said...

great shot! you do wonderful things with your photos Jams, this one looks like a drawing

CalumCarr said...

I agree with the Nurse!

This looks like a pencil drawing esp the lower portion with reeds.

Another abs cracker, Jams.

James Higham said...

Maybe they're old transports to Australia.

jams o donnell said...

Myra, Calum, thanks!

Haha James they didn;t get far!

Brian said...

I grew up in Stranraer in Scotland there were stone barges left on the beach at Finards bay. We used to fish of them, I was told that they were towed out to sea and used as target practice for the bombers.

jams o donnell said...

Ah thatnks for that Bullet. These ones are jut mouldering. I am not sure what will happen to them, perhaps just to rot and decay