17 May 2010

Great moments in litigation

Although perhaps not quite as good as it used to be (ah the days when it used to be a labour of love publication, published erratically and sent to less than 2000 subscribers)! I still look forward to receiving the new issue of the Fortean Times.

In between issues there is the breaking news section which throws up plenty of blog fodder, including this odd tale.

According to the Iowa new station WQAD News the Iowa Court of Appeals has ordered the relatives of a deceased man to exhume his body so his head can be cut off and cryogenically frozen.

The court sided with Alcor Life Extension Foundation of Scottsdale, Ariz., which sought to dig up the remains of 81-year-old Orville Richardson, late of Burlington Iowa, who died in February 2009. Mr Richardson had signed a contract with Alcor to have his head placed in cryonic suspension. However his Richardson's family buried him instead.

Alcor filed a lawsuit to exhume Richardson's body but a Des Moines Country District Court judge ruled against the company, which appealed. The appeals court overturned the district court's decision Wednesday, saying Alcor was entitled to his remains.

After a year in the ground I daresay that all Mr Richardson will be good for after resuscitation is as a replacement for Rush Limbaugh. Just as well he wasn’t cremated!


Anonymous said...

And who ever said the law was an ass?

jams o donnell said...

Well, err ......

Claude said...

Laughing hard, here. The link to the article and comments is priceless. You're NEVER boring, Jams. Did I say that before?

beakerkin said...


As a person who is unlikely to listen to Limbaugh your perspective
is interesting. Perhaps, you should actually listen to a show or two before making silly statements.

Limbaugh is an entertainer and there are many entertainers who deserve to be pickled for comments long before Limbaugh like Vanessa Redgrave or Sean "Duh" Penn.

Sean Jeating said...

Hats off!
Err .. Head off!

Did you happen to read Bock's latest?

Sean Jeating said...

Oops. Hope you won't sue me, Jams.

Claude said...

Sean, I might sue you because you gave me a link to a very offending subject. I might sue Jams because it was through his blog that I've been induced to read an offending article. The fact that I have a number of unresolved conflicts on those difficult subjects doesn't absolve you of your undignified conduct. Be prepared....Both of you!

Claude said...

Actually, I have a little get-together this evening, and we've been talking litigations. People are saying that the gentleman had the perfect right to do what he wanted with his head. The family was wrong not to follow his wishes. Better late than never for him. Even if the head is rotten, in and out.

When it comes to Bock's case, it all depends in which manner the gentleman discussed the scientific article with the lady. Unless the encounter was videotaped, we'll never know if the lady was right to be offended.

As for my case, I don't have a chance to win it. Sean didn't offer the link to me, but to you, Jams. And you're not responsible for what someone put in the comment section. Sleep in peace. You're both out of danger.

Fun post. As you so often do. Thanks!

Claude said...

But also an important post. As you so often do, Jams. If only to inform us on how ridiculous we are becoming...
One of the gentlemen tonight (a respected cardiologist) said that the human race is rushing towards extinction. With my usual optimism, I said, "No! No! We'll make it." He replied,"We don't deserve it. Do you really want the people we are becoming to make it? If we do, it will be pure luck!"

Et voilĂ !

jams o donnell said...

Ah you show your own prejudices. Beakerkin. When I criticise a leftist you are in agreement, criticise a rightist and my statements are stupid. Get a sense of perspective and learn that therte are wankers on all sides.

Aargh Sean You are going to be sued back to the Stone Age!

I have my lawyers on standby Claudia!

jams o donnell said...

Ah I will stand down the lawyers Claudia. As for the feeling at your get together it was his right but to freeze it after a year is a bit pointless unless sludge can be reconsituted into brain matter.

Seriously I have my doubts as to how long our so called civilisation will survive. We are utterly self destructive

beakerkin said...


Notice some interesting facts.

1) I do not criticize authors I do not read or hosts of shows I do not listen to. Where was this opinion of Limbaugh formed as you are unlikely to have listened to his show?

2) I have read the American blogs coverage on the UK elections and the UK blogs coverage of American elections. Americans either really do not care who runs the UK or in my case trust the voters of the UK
to make adult decisions.

It would be a genuine accomplishment if the folks in the UK could show a bit of class. I do
not recall any head lines in US papers asking how so many people could be so stupid or a US paper starting a letter campaign on behalf of a candidate.

I will take Limbaugh over Vanessa Redgrave whose comments are far worse. Unlike Limbaugh she is not misquoted either.

jams o donnell said...

Beakerkin, there is Youtube, streamin and transcripts are easy to find on the web. So it is very easy to see whar he's about and he is an ass.

As for UK politics, you can say what you like or not as the case may be. I reserve the right to say what I like about US politics. However this is not relevant to this post