11 May 2010

Lines Read at a Dairymaids Social

It's been a while since I offered either of my readers one of Canada's cheese bard's great works This I will rectify now.

Throughout the world they do extol
The fame of our town Ingersoll,
The capital of dairyland,
To-night it seems like fairy land,
The youth and beauty here arrayed,
So sweet and neat each dairymaid.

And worthy of a poet's theme,
Sweet and smooth flows milk and cream,
For song or glee what is fitter
In this land of cheese and butter,
But no young man should be afraid
To court a pretty dairymaid.

And far abroad he should not roam
But find a charmer here at home,
Find some one now your heart to chear,
Thus celebrate the jubilee year,
Remember long this ladies' aid
And each bewitching dairymaid.


Frank Partisan said...

That sounds like Wisconsin.

Good work.

Claude said...

Its very true. McIntyre
will not set people in fire.
But it would be hard
to speak hatefully
against a sweet bard
who writes tastefully
of cheese and country.
Hip! Hip! Hurrah!
Dear Canada!

jams o donnell said...

A very cheesy place so I hear Ren!

Bravo Claudia!