10 May 2010

Margaret Cavendish on light and shadow

Of Shadow and Eccho

Pale Shadow once in Love fell with bright Light.
Which makes Her still walk always in His sight,
And when He's absent, then, poor Soul, she Dies,
But when He shows himself, Her Life revives.
She Sister is to Eccho loud and clear,
Whose voice is heard, no Body doth appear;
She hates to see or show Her self to men,
Unless Narcissus could rivive again:
But there two Souls (for they no Bodies have)
Do wander in theAir to see a Grave;
Silence would bury one, the other Night,
But was denied by Repercussion's spight;
And both are subject to the Eye and Ear;
For one we see, and the other we do hear.

So there's another piece from Colchester's finest export!


Claude said...

Smart lady! She puts me to shame but I like her.

James Higham said...

Some posts just defy comment, Jams.

jams o donnell said...

She is a national treaure Claudia.

I love her work James!

Nunyaa said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this posting. I had to read it more than once. Do you mind if I print this out Jams?

jams o donnell said...

By all means.. the poem is long out of copyright!