07 May 2010

No seat for Griffin mercifully

Being a long term labour supporter (unsurprising since I have been a party member since 1984) election night was going to be painful. So for once I didn't stay up to watch the election.

I did fear waking up to hear that Nick Griffin had been returned as member for Barking. I am pleased to report that this is most certainly not the case.

Labour took Barking with 24,000 votes. The Tories were second with just over 8,000 and the BNP scumbag was in third with far too many votes for my liking but nowhere near enough to threaten the seat.

Well that's some relief!


James Higham said...

Labour had a few gains but it was mainly the party faithful seats where they went up.

Sarge Charlie said...

careful what you wish for Jams, look at greece and consider how long it will take that to spread around the world, change in direction is needed, everywhere, including the usa.

jams o donnell said...

Not a good day for Labour but the current situatin begs a million questions

Well Sarge I still believe that Labour is the best choice for most people here. the BNP disgust me