08 August 2010

A bit of Goya


beakerkin said...

Jams read the words at her feet. You are in for a surprise. You can't see it in the photo.

jams o donnell said...

I'll have to dig out my books are remind myself

JD said...

Maria del Pilar Teresa Cayetana de Silva Alvarez de Toledo
"She was without question one of the most beautiful women in Spain– a fact noted by nearly every man who met and wrote about her. She was tall, slender, with flashing dark eyes and a fine-boned face– perhaps a little too long for modern tastes– surmounted by a mop of thick, dark curls... If the word existed in the eighteenth century, she would have been formidably hip– what else could an aristocratic maja wish to be?" (Page 157 from Robert Hughes book Goya, Knopf, 2003)
the current Duquesa de Alba on the other hand...... it would be impolite of me to say anything.


beakerkin said...

Hope you can read basic Spanish

jams o donnell said...

I should be able to work it out

JD you comment has vanished. Blogger is playing silly buggers!