15 August 2010

Simpson Snack Simulacrum

My thanks go to Skuds for sending me the link to this item in the Brighton Argus last week

Pub regulars opened a bag of crisps and found themselves staring at the silhouette of Homer Simpson.

Drinkers at the Caroline of Brunswick in Ditchling Road, Brighton, were stunned when The portly star appeared on top of the bowl when the lunchtime snacks were poured out.

Landlord Peter Thornton, 42, said: “As a Simpsons fan, I was delighted to bag my own Homer. I’m a fan of crisps."

Well there you have it. I suppose that it is rather fitting that he appeared on a high fat, high salt content pub snack!


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Verily it's a miracle. I hope the taste didn't suffer and it went OK with that beer.

Andrew Scott said...

Homer? Looks more like the Pope to me. How come everyone misinterprets these things so badly? Billy Connolly gets called Jesus, Marianne Faithfull gets called The Virgin Mary... Honestly, whay can't people see what is so clearly staring them in the face?

Liz said...

Just perfect. How do people restrain themselves from eating long enough to notice stuff like this? is guess they're not all on diets.

Stan said...

This is an unusually apt simulacrum. Mmm... salty shadow self...

jams o donnell said...

Haha Snoopy, I'm sure its sale on ebay will mean many snacks in the future!

Once again Andrew you are utterly correct although I think many Jesus similacra are in fact Willie Nelson!

Ah Liz, the answer is not being on a diet, methinks!

Ah Stan a glroiously alliterative response!