29 August 2010

Debt, Internal feuding and lawsuits? HAHAHAHAHA!

I must admit that news of the BNP in trouble is music to y ears. Yesterday’s Independent carried an article which indicated that the party faces a financial and political crisis with crippling debts and an internal rebellion which could spell the end of the far-right group.

The party has a deficit of at least £500,000 and could face up to 12 claims of unfair dismissal from workers who lost their jobs following the BNP's showing in the May elections.

Lee Barnes, the party's senior legal adviser until he resigned this month, yesterday described the BNP as a "dead brand" and claimed it was "technically insolvent". The Electoral Commission confirmed the BNP's latest annual accounts, due last month, have not been submitted and it is still investigating the previous year's records after auditors refused to sign them off.

Anti-extremist campaigners said the combination of financial difficulties and schism within the far right were proving a toxic combination for Mr Griffin, who earlier this month survived an attempt to force a leadership ballot. Sonia Gable, of the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: "The BNP is in deep financial trouble, with debts it can never pay, and in the throes of its most serious internal political crisis since Nick Griffin became leader.

One senior BNP figure claimed the scale of the deficit is closer to £600,000 and said the party cannot find a bank willing to re-finance its debt, which is also being increased by the cost of fighting legal actions against Unilever, after the BNP used an image of a Marmite jar in an election broadcast, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) over the party's alleged failure to change its constitution to allow non-white members.

And so on and so forth… Any news of the Bastard Nazi Pondlife’s discomfiture is music to my ears. I wish the rabble a speedy journey to oblivion. That said it’s not the end of the story. The EDL seem to have chimed with the baser instincts of far too many and may rise further. In that case it’s interesting to see hw a few intelligent people can rouse the rabble. I wish the EDL a speedy journey to oblivion too,


Susan Demeter said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, and your kind words. I appreciate them. I should be playing photo hunt again next week.

As for the BNP we really do not have an equivalent here in Canada, at least not that can run for political office. They are in my opinion nothing more than a hate group, and I am shocked that anyone could support them.

Nevin said...

BNP is very much similar to the Tea Party movement here in the US....

Liz Hinds said...

Good news! But sadly I fear something else will take its place.

beakerkin said...


Way off base. You can go to any Tea Party function and see nothing stronger than Acorn Sucks and a few Birthers.

You can see truthers and the most rabid forms of Jew hatred at any so called "Peace Protest" in seconds.

jams o donnell said...

I'm glad you don't have a similar organisation in Candaa Sue. They are scum. On a separate note I hope Matthew is feeling better

They are vile Nevin. I'm not sure the Tea Party are quite like them, even though I would not give that organisation support if I were an American

Sadly so. Hopefully they will schism and schism and be left with a rump. The EDL are a worry though Liz

I don't like what I see of the Tea Party but I'm not sure they are on part with the BNP. Beakerkin

beakerkin said...


As you are in the UK your opinions are likely shaped via the MSM or blogs. As a general rule of thumb the more Trotskyite clowns scream about something the more correct it is.

Local law enforcement would gladly tell you the Tea Party is lawful and well behaved.

You are a decent fellow with some odd views of cats, but a laborite.
Socialism is not part of our traditions or values. I have no desire to emulate the EU, nor do I consider them the paragon of enlightenment.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Does Britain still have debt prison system? If not, be a good idea to revive one of them.

jams o donnell said...

From what I have read about them I don't care for their views Beakerkin but I am sure they are generally well behaved.

Haha, now there is a thought. Let's bring back the Fleet and the Marshalsea for them!