08 August 2010

Naomi Campbell: a waste of human life

Having refused point bland for a long time to comment on whether she was given blood diamonds by former Liberian leader Charles Taylor and for doing everything she could to avoid testifying, Naomi Campbell was finally forced to give evidence at the Taylor's trial this week.

Her attitude was summed up in the crass complaint she made while on the stand:

"I don't want to be here. I was made to be here... This is a big inconvenience to me,"

Well boo-fucking-hoo. Her evidence was critical and she clearly had better things to do... Did it impinge on her shopping or tantrum time?

However beautiful she may or not be she certainly has an extremely ugly soul


Gledwood said...

I found it pathetic the way she pulled the thick girlie act, claiming not even to know Liberia existed...

And what planet was the so-called cross-examiner on, not talking her through what happened between her being asleep and receiving those "dirty stones" ~ or to put it another way maybe they should have asked her if she opens the door to just anyone in the middle of the night?

She claimed not to know who those men were or who they represented. Surely they said something to persuade a sleeping supermodel to open a door to a pair of strangers. What was it?

I cannot believe an international criminal lawyer could let her bluster her way through as she did.

She might be a waste of space but she is a beautiful one.

feefifoto said...

"However beautiful she may or not be she certainly has an extremely ugly soul"

Taking the subject out of consideration, this was an exquisite turn of phrase.

OldTrumptonian said...

Will the lawyer ask Charles Taylor if he had "sexual relations with this woman"
Hope so, she's a whore, plain and simple.

jams o donnell said...

Good points Gledwood. In my view she is a stupid and venal person

I was pleased with that Feefifoto!

Not in the sex worker sense but again, a venal ans stupid person OT

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I guess her tantrum time will not be impinged. So stupid, it defies imagination.

TorAa said...

She is a person of no impotance, unless for the struggling medias...

jams o donnell said...

That's true Snoopy.. I'm amazed she didn't break into a tantrum in the dock

That is all she is good for Tor