16 August 2009

Iran Puts Baha’is on trial for alleged espionage.

The Baha’i faith has been persecuted in Iran since its foundation. The only difference now is that the persecution is undertaken under the auspices of Khamenei and his rabble rather than the Shah and his rabble.

According to the BBCSeven Baha’is members are to go on trial on next week on charges of spying for Israel and of "insulting sanctities".

Six of them were arrested in May, 2008. The other one was arrested two months earlier. They were the leaders of the faith in Iran where it claims some 300,000 members. It is banned by the Islamic revolutionary leadership of Iran which considers it heretical.

Hundreds of Baha’i followers have been jailed and executed since Iran's Islamic revolution in 1979, the Baha’i International Community says. However, the government denies it has detained or executed people because of their faith

In this case as with many other things the Government is lying


James Higham said...

I've been recently looking at the Baha'i faith and its relativism. Now, there is another faith, hte Druze, which if not strictly relativistic, is a bit of a mish mash and yet they manage not to be persecuted.

So why are the Baha'i persecuted? In a land of intolerance, i.e. anywhere there is Islam entrenched, these poor sods are going to be on a hiding to nothing.

Gentleness can never survive in a country where the leadership are rabid throat slitters, oppressing the people below, especially the women.

jams o donnell said...

It's because they see the founders of their faiths as aditional prophets in the Abrahamic line. They are therefore considered heretics

beakerkin said...

Jams when you get a chance read about the Bhai's stance on gays. Lets just say they would not be Rowan Williams friendly.

The Bhai are discriminated against. This should come as zero surprise that a Utopian theocracy would need an other to rationalize its failures.

This should come as no surprise in a land where the SWP and Trotskyites make acrobatic leaps of faith and rationalizations to alter reality.

Utopians are the enemy of mankind.

Maddy said...

Hmm not heard that one. If it's not on the Today Programme [I download the 'best' hightlights] then it's off radar. When we visited last a pal of mine was saying the BBC 7 had the 'best' + re-runs but when we returned I found it wasn't available [as yet] I shall file that away for later, you know how out of touch Americans can be, and this [in part] is why.

jams o donnell said...

There are aspects of teh Baha'i faith I would not support, their stance on homosexuality. But they re not a threat to the Iranian state. The state's attitude is akin to that which gave teh Catholic Church the likes of teh Albigensian Crusade

Ah I would recommend the websites of teh major British qualities Maddy, I start with teh Guardian (unsurpisingly beign a left( then work my way to the Torygraph!

Frank Partisan said...

If Beak had his way, there would be no protests in Iran. The protesters would have been killed by American and Israeli bombs. He also supports an embargo, which would be aimed at the workers and protesters in Iran.

Unlike Beak, I don't believe the Iranians, need help from an imperialist power.

My group was the first to oppose Khomenei. I reprinted at my blog documents by Ted Grant, laying out everything that would happen, including future splits in the Tudeh Party.

Beak is a late comer to the cause. I thought the issue was so important, I invited Maryam Namazie, to be part of my blog. Maryam unlike Beak, knows US help is not wanted.

jams o donnell said...

Change in Iran will have to come from within. An attack by Israel or a US invasion willbe disastrous.

The current situation sees the Iranian leadership in their truest light and for the first time in 30 years the opposition has a chance of toppling them. This time I hope something better comes out of it than when the Shah was removed