18 August 2009

Seven Things I love

SOme time back Snoopy the Goon over at Simply Jews tagged me for this theme. I had totally forgotten about it but better late than never....

The mission is simple: list the seven things you love and tag seven other victims. Simple.

It appears that try as I might, I am unable to improve on Bob's list, so here it comes, with two remarks afterward.

  1. The not-wife. A no-brainer for the number one spot given that it is getting on for 28 years since we first met
  2. The cats. We don't have kids but the furry monsters act as evil masters instead!
  3. A really good book. I can't top Snoopy on this one.
  4. Good company and good conversation with my small circle of intimate friends
  5. Good music.
  6. Good food.
  7. Good drink, especially a nice bottle of Cote Rotie or a decent cask conditioned beer if in a pub
Now who to tag? Ach just seven? You are all welcome to give this one a go!


billie said...

i can't- you stole my list :) my hubby tops the list with the cats, books, food and wine- what more could i ask for?

Frank Partisan said...

There are no surprises for the long time readers of your blog.

jams o donnell said...

Ah we have our priorities right eh Betmo?

Thanks Ren!

jmb said...

I'm glad to see the not wife tops the list and I'm sure she it too. Sounds like a good life you have there Jams.

Claude said...

If you include French wines to the drinks you like, this list is perfect, Jams. But even if you don't, I admire your 28 years with the not-wife. Nothing else is truly important. All the best!

jams o donnell said...

Not a bad life at all jmb. I give thanks for what I have

Ah Cote Rotie is a Rhone wine Claudia. I much prefer Rhone wines to Bordeaux and Burgundies

TorAa said...

as you may have understood, we have been on Vaction for some time, with limeted access to internet.
Hence, excuse me for not commenteing the excellent ant thoughtful posts you do write.

When comes to Wines:
We hade the very special opportunties to visits both both wine prosucers in Sancerre and Alsace this Summer.

Have a great week.

btw. I'll start to comment on your posts as soon as I'm well back at work and in also in our Winterhome.

jams o donnell said...

Thanks Tor. On the other hand time with limited computer access will be fun. Sancerre and Alsace? that sounds like a very enjoyable trip!