15 August 2009

Preston Wiginton background

Yesterday I expressed my pleasure that Preston Wiginton was barred from entering the United Kingdom. Here is why:

According to the Souther Poverty Law Center Preston Wiginton, spends his time forging international connections between anti-immigration extremists and white supremacists to prevent the populations of "white nations" from becoming what he has termed "a homogenous muddle of sludge.
Wiginton first appeared on the white nationalist scene in October 2005, not long after he turned 40, when he attended Hammerfest, a neo-Nazi skinhead festival in Draketown, Georgia. It's unclear from his prolific subsequent blog posts and essays whether he subscribed to white nationalist ideology relatively late in life or was a longtime believer who came out publicly in middle age.
Either way, Wiginton became a major behind-the-scenes player in the white nationalist movement and one of the most dynamic of American far-right extremists making waves abroad.

The accelerating trajectory of Wiginton's activism began in the fall of 2005, one month after Hammerfest, when he organized a lecture at Texas A&M University by anti-immigration extremist Frosty Wooldridge. When about 100 anti-racist protesters surrounded Wiginton and Wooldridge in a "free speech zone," Wiginton threatened to "bring in the Hammerskins," apparently a reference to members of Hammerskin Nation, a nationwide coalition of violent skinhead gangs.

An online essay by Wiginton describes non-white immigration as "an abnormal growth that is threatening the life of American culture and the life of American people." If action is taken, and time is of the essence, this cancer can be eradicated," Wiginton writes. If not, "the death of the American way of life, identity and sovereignty is certain."

The language in Wiginton's NoAztlan essay is about as harsh as his rhetoric gets if it's intended for a general audience. When he interacts with college students, talks with American media or posts to mainstream conservative blogs, he typically assumes the guise of a Minuteman-style nativist concerned chiefly with illegal immigration. He strategically limits his Jew-bashing and endorsements of racially motivated violence to his personal website and a handful of white supremacist online forums including Stormfront, which he joined in October 2006 using the screen name "Ruskybound."

According to his own posts, Wiginton moved to Moscow shortly thereafter and began forging connections with racist "skinheads, leaders of Russian nationalist parties, Russian skinhead and patriot bands and Russian WN [white nationalist] academics." He has since repeatedly boasted on Stormfront of his close relationship with Alexander Belov, the former spokesman for the Russian ultranationalist and virulently anti-Semitic group Pamyat. Currently, Belov is the leader of Movement Against Illegal Immigration, or DPNI, a powerful white nationalist organization with 5,000 members in 30 regions of Russia. DPNI has close ties to neo-Nazi Russian skinhead gangs, whose members carried out more than 600 xenophobic attacks last year, including 68 murders, according to the Sova Information and Analyis Center, a Moscow-based watchdog organization.

"Russia is under third world invasion. Luckily Russia is the only nation that understands RAHOWA [Racial Holy War]," Wiginton wrote in a Stormfront post last July. "Because of this immigrants think twice about coming to Russia."

Wiginton returned to America in the spring of 2007 to ramp up his activism here by organizing a series of lectures on college campuses by racist leaders, starting with a lecture at Clemson University last April that was co-sponsored by the South Carolina chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white supremacist organization.

In the summer of 2007, Wiginton was back in Russia for the annual DPNI congress, which was attended by skinheads and other white nationalists from at least five European countries. "There were many Seig Heils and Roman Salutes," Wiginton wrote on Stormfront.

Also in the summer of 2007, Wiginton promoted a series of concerts in Russia by the Bully Boys, an American hate rock band. In his spare time, he tried to find a Russian girlfriend. "Real Russian women, not half-breeds or Jews, want real Russian men," he wrote on his website. "I know I have been turned down a few times, but also I was lucky in knowing many people over here when I came."

Griffin (left) Wiginton is on the far right

Wiginton reappeared in America in October 2007 when he co-sponsored another lecture at Clemson with the CCC, this one by Nick Griffin. The following day, Griffin lectured at Texas A&M at the invitation of the so-called Aggie Independents. Griffin then flew to East Lansing, Mich., for an Oct. 26 lecture at Michigan State University that was sponsored by the MSU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom.

The week after Griffin's lectures, Wiginton was back in Moscow, where he spoke at a rally against non-white immigration last Nov. 4 that was attended by approximately 5,000 Russian ultra-nationalists, including a large contingent of skinheads. Lifting his black cowboy hat into the air, Wiginton said, "I'm taking my hat off as a sign of respect for your strong identity in ethnicity, nation and race." The skinheads raised their arms in Nazi salutes and chanted "White Power!" in English.

SPLC approached Wiginton to comment for the article he declined, calling himself "the wrong Goy" to ask for information.

He responded aws follows: "You [the Southern Poverty Law Center] have a political objective to destroy European and Slavic peoples and cultures," Wiginton wrote. "We can exist only if we live in the yoke of your Judaic system."

Enough said....


Anonymous said...

This is as good a reason as any to not want him in the country. Good research.

Steve Bates said...

The Southern Poverty Law Center membership, which has included me for decades, has a political objective of making sure that every crime committed on racist or related grounds... those we cannot prevent... receives the response it deserves in a court of law, by filing suit where appropriate and providing skilled attorneys to aggrieved parties in matters of hate crimes. I, at least, refuse to apologize for doing those things.

Oh, and we have another goal, though it hardly seems political: providing schools and teachers with materials on the teaching of tolerance, tolerance among people of different races, religions, etc. We believe that 'we can exist only if we live' outside anybody's yoke.

I have mixed feelings about excluding Wiginton. Ultimately, doing so may give him more power by giving his followers something they will see as a legitimate grievance. But then again, that is my old American viewpoint showing through: the remedy for false speech is true speech. Honestly, if I could consign the fellow to oblivion on a small island with no radio transmitter, I'd certainly be tempted.

jams o donnell said...

THanks Raincoatoptimism

And so you shouldn't aplogise Steve! The aims of SPLC are faine. As for letting Wiginton into the UK, well with his track record I am happy for him not to advance through pasport control!

Siani said...

What a complete moron. As to his claims about America being ruined by non-white immigration - if he had half a braincell, he'd realize that contemporary America came about as a result of white immigration. Multiple native cultures and tribes were decimated as a result of white immigration, yet I guess that's OK in his eyes. I HATE the way racists conveniently omit any facts that undermine their nonsensical claims. I'm glad he was refused entry to the UK. I hope he crawls back under his stone with the rest of the worms and parasites, and stays there - permanently. Grr!

Ever get the feeling certain people make me mad? :)

jams o donnell said...

I would never have guessed it Siani! I am truly glad he is on the otehr side of the border!

blanc_de_blanc said...

Read the Harpers exposé on the SPLC, November 2000. [not online] The organization is basically a money spinner for Morris Dees. It seeks to suppress all debate on illegal or legal immigration, all people who advocate a pro-white or pro-European viewpoint, and it very rarely (if ever) tackles black on white crimes (which are by far the majority of interracial crime).

Anonymous said...

Ever consider the splc lies... I am Preston Wiginton and I know they do.

They are a Marxist/Coomunist organization that wants to stiffle diverse opinions.

Anonymous said...

Steve you are an 80 pounder with a 300 pound mouth that can only stand behind lawyers. I have my own as you and all of the other liers will soon see. Steve you could never make it in a real man's world.

You do not even have the balls to have a beer with me and hear what I really think.

Oh yes I am counter semitic. I am against kosher killing of animals, cirumcision and ANYONE who proclaims to be the chosen. Go after the real racist Steve... the jews. Oh you work for them you can't.

Anonymous said...

And for the record I, Preston Wiginton think that all people who put forth a struggle to survive derserve a right of self determination. I am against subsidizing anyone or for any reparations to be paid for the sins of a few.

Anonymous said...

Siani America was pioneered and conquered by Anglos. It remained majority Anglo and people of Western European descent until the 1870's. Read Kevin McDonald on who was in volved in diluting America.

I do not agree with Manifest Destiny. It was an event unto a Jewish diety in my view to spread jewish markets and to spread the word of "The Chosen". I will elebarate more if you e-mail me.

Frankly I have more in common in thought with Ameri-Indiands than I do white Christians. I also respect the Ameri-Indians since they fought almost to their extintion for their way of life. Whites today are giving up everything with out a fight. Personally my opinion is when they took on the dead jew on a stick they ceased being white.

I would post under my own name, but it seems someone, more than likely the SPLC has tampered with my e-mail accounts. Something soon to be remedied.

Susan English Mason said...

If "the death of the American way of life, identity and sovereignty" will eradicate my country of scum like him, then so be it.

jams o donnell said...

THere is no place in the world for a scumbag like him and that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

James and pouty.... will you make such comments to my face.. on an island with not radio frequency and no law?

You people are the real fascist in that instead of letting reason and login prevail you are like 2 year olds that only want your way and you live to stiffle out any thinking or speech that goes against your way.

Keep pushing.. the more you push the stronger we get!

Anonymous said...

I just keep laughing at this article.. "tried to find a girlfriend"... What do I need to do post up photos. There is no shortage of women for real men in Russia. Especially men who agree with Russia for Russians!!!

In short I have Russian girlsfriends and have never had a problem being wanted or desired in Russia.


Preston Wiginton

As well my experience with the SPLC is that you can tell them the sky is blue and they will report that you hate rain.