06 December 2009

Congratulations Amir!

I am no expert on boxing but like many others, I had the feeling that Amir Khan had a bright future when he won a silver medal in the lightweight division at the Athens Games in 2004. Unlike Sydney gold medallist Audley Harrison, who sadly did not quite live up to expectations, Amir has proved himself to be a fine boxer who won the WBA light welterweight title in July.

Last night he faced his first defence of his title, fighting US-based Ukrainian Dmitry Salita. Despite being unbeaten in 31 fights Amir, took just 75 seconds to defeat him.

Amir has the makings of one of the all time greats of boxing. I hope he achieves this, he certainly has the ability to do so. In the meantime congratulations to a great BRITISH sportsman


James Higham said...

There are a long line of them.

Moncherion said...

Awsome! Wonderful article.

jams o donnell said...

THere are James, dating back to the likes of Tom Cribb and Jem Belcher!

THanks Moncherion