16 December 2009

Russian diplomacy drive bears fruit..

Russian diplomats can celebrate a major coup in their drive to get recognition for their client states South Ossetia and Abkhazia (Jesus, two more countries in the Eurovision Song contest... we’ll never win again!) According to yesterday’s Telegraph Russia can add a third country to the list of nations recognising the breakaway states. Having secured the support of Nicaragua and Venezuela, it can be revealed that mighty Nauru has joined this august body.

However, support comes at a price - $50m (£30.74m) in humanitarian aid

The Kremlin has been desperate to secure international recognition for the two regions since its punitive war last year with Georgia to the point of courting Nauru's foreign minister, Kieren Keke.

Nauru has a record of taking money to recognise or otherwise the independence nations, having taken money to acknowledge the existence of Kosovo. In 2002, Nauru accepted $130m from China to de-recognise Taiwan only to re-recognise it in 2005 after apparently receiving another, better offer.

Money is a major concern for Nauru. It has been in the clarts ever since its main resource, guano, began to run out. I suppose if Russia is so desperate that they will dole out millions for recognition then who shouldn't Nauru for sticking its hands in the till!


James Higham said...

two more countries in the Eurovision Song contest

Who's to say they'd be any good this side of 2020?

jams o donnell said...

But 24 points in the bag for Russia!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hmm... interesting. Could a private person get into the business of recognizing/not recognizing countries for money? I will charge much less than Nauru, to use one example.

jams o donnell said...

Me too.. I will recognise Abkhazia for a tin f tizer and a curly wurly!